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Nightingale argued that secular hospitals usually provided better care than their religious counterparts. In those days, women of Nightingale's class did not attend universities and did not pursue professional careers; their purpose in life was to marry and bear children. Florence Nightingale, who was born 200 years ago, is rightly famed for revolutionizing nursing. Born on May 12, 1820 At age 17, she wrote about her “calling” in her diary, “God spoke to me and called me to His service.” Age 31 (1851) in Kaiserwerth, Germany, she completed her nursing training After her training, she became the superintendent of the Hospital for Invalid Gentlewoman in London. [116], Florence Nightingale's image appeared on the reverse of £10 Series D banknotes issued by the Bank of England from 1975 until 1994. She wrote some 200 books, pamphlets and articles throughout her life. Florence Nightingale is born in Florence, Italy. However, politics, not nursing expertise, was to shape her next move. p. 314. Norman L. Johnson, Samuel Kotz (2011). After returning to England in 1821, the Nightingales had a comfortable lifestyle, dividing their time between two homes, Lea Hurst in Derbyshire, located in central England, and Embley Park in warmer Hampshire, located in south-central England. (Credit: Dansk Sygeplejerad) 1837 "Whilst in the gardens of her family home in Embley, Hampshire, Florence heard the voice of God calling her to do his work, but at this time had no idea what the work would be." Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences: From the Seventeenth Century to the Present". [67](p98), Lytton Strachey was famous for his book debunking 19th century heroes, Eminent Victorians (1918). A nurse who posed for the top right panel in 1959 attended the rededication service in October 2010. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. She is a celebrated English social reformer, statistician, and the founder of modern nursing who gave nursing a favourable reputation and became a Victorian icon as "The Lady with the Lamp" making rounds of wounded soldiers at night. She was born May 12, 1820, to William “WEN” and Frances “Fanny” Nightingale in Florence, Italy. Nightingale remained in Scutari until the hospitals were ready to close, returning to her home in Derbyshire on August 7, 1856, as a reluctant heroine. Her accomplishments in providing care and reportedly reducing the mortality rate to about 2 percent brought her fame in England through the press and the soldiers’ letters. The result was Renkioi Hospital, a civilian facility that, under the management of Dr. Edmund Alexander Parkes, had a death rate less than 1/10th that of Scutari. [86] She set an example of compassion, commitment to patient care and diligent and thoughtful hospital administration. Nightingale was a shy girl who did not want to be the centre of attention socially. London. All the figures, who are said to be modelled on prominent Derby town figures of the early sixties, surround and praise a central pane of the triumphant Christ. [91], The Nightingale Pledge is a modified version of the Hippocratic Oath which nurses recite at their pinning ceremony at the end of training. During that night alarming symptoms developed and she gradually sank until 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, when the end came. Although not formally a Universalist by church membership, she had come of a Universalist family, was sympathetic to the tenets of the denomination, and has always been claimed by it. And flit from room to room. She remained in the Church of England throughout her life, albeit with unorthodox views. Nightingale came to prominence while serving as a manager and trainer of nurses during the Crimean War, in which she organised care for wounded soldiers. Her father, William Edward Nightingale (1794-1874), was son of William Shore, a Sheffield banker. Florence's older sister Frances Parthenope had similarly been named after her place of birth, Parthenope, a Greek settlement now part of the city of Naples. Mary Clare Moore headed the first wave and placed herself and her Sisters under the authority of Nightingale. In 1904, she was appointed a Lady of Grace of the Order of St John (LGStJ). She was a great person, widely acknowledged as the pioneer of modern nursing; she was also a proficient mathematician. Florence Nightingale in a hospital ward at Scutari (Üsküdar) during the Crimean War. [49], From 1857 onwards, Nightingale was intermittently bedridden and suffered from depression. Nightingale gets a full chapter, but instead of debunking her, Strachey praised her in a way that raised her national reputation and made her an icon for English feminists of the 1920s and 1930s.[76]. A lady with a lamp I see Elaine Showalter called Nightingale's writing "a major text of English feminism, a link between Wollstonecraft and Woolf. Nightingale was also the subject of one of Lytton Strachey's four mercilessly provocative biographical essays, Eminent Victorians. [33], The arrival of two waves of Irish nuns, the Sisters of Mercy to assist with nursing duties at Scutari met with different responses from Nightingale. In 1951, The Lady with a Lamp starred Anna Neagle. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Florence-Nightingale, The Victorian Web - Biography of Florence Nightingale, Spartacus Educational - Biography of Florence Nightingale, MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive - Biography of Florence Nightingale, South African History Online - Biography of Florence Nightingale, Heritage History - Biography of Florence Nightingale, Florence Nightingale - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Florence Nightingale - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). 5. Her biblical annotations, private journal notes and translations of the mystics give quite a different impression of her beliefs, and these do have a bearing on her work with nurses, and not only at Edinburgh, but neither [Cecil(ia) Woodham-]Smith nor [her] followers consulted their sources.". She was named for Florence, Italy, the city in which she was born; her sister Parthenope was also named for a Mediterranean settlement. [23] They were deployed about 295 nautical miles (546 km; 339 mi) across the Black Sea from Balaklava in the Crimea, where the main British camp was based. (Investigations by historians in the 20th century revealed that the mortality rate at Barrack Hospital under Nightingale’s care was actually much higher than had been reported—the British government had concealed the actual mortality rate.). The book has, inevitably, its place in the history of nursing, for it was written by the founder of modern nursing". Florence Nightingale. The god gave her the gift of prophecy; when she refused his advances, he cursed her so that her prophetic warnings would go unheeded. The Feminist Press, 1979, p. 17. First Name Florence. [94], During the Vietnam War, Nightingale inspired many US Army nurses, sparking a renewal of interest in her life and work. "[17] Later in 1850, she visited the Lutheran religious community at Kaiserswerth-am-Rhein in Germany, where she observed Pastor Theodor Fliedner and the deaconesses working for the sick and the deprived. Learn about Florence Nightingale: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. In 1993, Nest Entertainment released an animated film Florence Nightingale, describing her service as a nurse in the Crimean War. [32] Nightingale reportedly wrote, "I had the greatest difficulty in repelling Mrs Seacole's advances, and in preventing association between her and my nurses (absolutely out of the question! Patrick Waddington, "Mohl, Mary Elizabeth (1793–1883)". She also was instrumental in setting up training for midwives and nurses in workhouse infirmaries. p. 8. Florence was born May 12,1820. After she returned to Britain and began collecting evidence before the Royal Commission on the Health of the Army, she came to believe that most of the soldiers at the hospital were killed by poor living conditions. [129], The US Navy ship the USS Florence Nightingale (AP-70) was commissioned in 1942. International Nurses Day, observed annually on May 12, commemorates her birth and celebrates the important role of nurses in health care. Social Challenges. [104][105], Upon the centenary of Nightingale's death in 2010, and to commemorate her connection with Malvern, the Malvern Museum held a Florence Nightingale exhibit[106] with a school poster competition to promote some events. Historian of science I. Bernard Cohen argues: Nightingale's achievements are all the more impressive when they are considered against the background of social restraints on women in Victorian England. [74] Her Crimean War statistics had convinced her that non-medical approaches were more effective given the state of knowledge at the time. Although she had been an invalid for a long time, rarely leaving her room, where she passed the time in a half-recumbent position and was under the constant care of a physician, her death was somewhat unexpected. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Taurus. As well as a standing portrait, she was depicted on the notes in a field hospital, holding her lamp. Her father, William E. Nightingale, was a wealthy landowner who had inherited an estate in Derbyshire, England. [11], Nightingale still believed that the death rates were due to poor nutrition, lack of supplies, stale air, and overworking of the soldiers. Seacole's own memoir, Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands¸ records only one, friendly, meeting with her, when she asked her for a bed for the night, and got it; Seacole was in Scutari en route to the Crimea to join her business partner and start their business. [99], During the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of temporary NHS Nightingale Hospitals were set up in readiness for an expected rise in the number of patients needing critical care. In 1912, a biographical silent film titled The Victoria Cross, starring Julia Swayne Gordon as Nightingale, was released, followed in 1915 by another silent film, Florence Nightingale, featuring Elisabeth Risdon. British nurse, statistician, and social reformer. Evangelical Lutheran Worship – Final Draft. Some of the work was damaged and the tenth panel was dismantled for the glass to be used in repair of the remaining panels. Nightingale questioned the goodness of a God who would condemn souls to hell, and was a believer in universal reconciliation – the concept that even those who die without being saved will eventually make it to Heaven. [25], Stephen Paget in the Dictionary of National Biography asserted that Nightingale reduced the death rate from 42% to 2%, either by making improvements in hygiene herself, or by calling for the Sanitary Commission. Short bio of Florence Nightingale Born in 1820 to a wealthy family, Florence was educated at home by her father. Tan-Feng Chang, CREOLIZING THE WHITE WOMAN’S BURDEN: MARY SEACOLE PLAYING “MOTHER” AT THE COLONIAL CROSSROADS BETWEEN PANAMA AND CRIMEA, (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017), p. 526. In 2006, the Japanese public ranked Nightingale number 17 in The Top 100 Historical Persons in Japan. She belongs to that select band of historical characters who are instantly recognisable: the Lady with the Lamp, ministering to the wounded and dying. She excelled in mathematics and languages and was able to read and write French, German, Italian, Greek, and Latin at an early age. And two English Lady superintendents have told me the same thing. [27], During her first winter at Scutari, 4,077 soldiers died there. Cornelius married Ann Nightingale (born Bacon) on month day 1815, at … Florence Nightingale, byname Lady with the Lamp, (born May 12, 1820, Florence [Italy]—died August 13, 1910, London, England), British nurse, statistician, and social reformer who was the foundational philosopher of modern nursing.

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