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More than 200 people have now been killed by Cyclone Aila which hit Bangladesh and the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, relief officials say. Some 100, 00 livestock were killed and almost 350,000 acres of cropland were destroyed. On 25 May cyclone Aila swept through the villages of traditional resource-users of the Sundarbans forest, Bangladesh. Beneficiaries are receiving the cash grants under cyclone Aila operation Photo … Cyclone Aila, with winds speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, unleashed a four-meter high tidal surge and flooded low-lying regions. Cyclone Mahasen (May 16, 2013): Cyclone Mahasen hit near Chittagong with a wind speed of 85 km per hour. The center staff found many of the children in a wet condition.”. zAccording to the Government of India reports, Gosaba was the most affected block in West Bengal during Cyclone Aila. Combined with high tides, the cyclone surge caused widespread flooding and damaged in the southern districts. The World Meteorological Organization defines a tropical cyclone as “a non-frontal synoptic scale cyclone originating over tropical or subtropical waters with organized convection and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation”.1 More specifically, a storm in the south-east Indian Ocean is cyclonic when the sustained wind speed is more than 33 nautical miles per hour (> 62 km/h). Cyclone 'Aila' has hit India after Bangladesh proving the predictions of the Met Dept true. Cyclone Aila Cyclone Aila began as a disturbance on May 21 in the Bay of Bengal, strengthening quickly to a Tropical Cyclone with windspeeds gusting up to 120 km/h (75 mph). The cyclone, which lashed coastal areas with brutal winds and rain, left at least 84 people across India and Bangladesh dead, according to news reports. Category 5 - sustained wind speeds greater than 156 m.p.… Resembling large whirlpools, they are made up of rotating, moist air, with wind speeds that can reach over 120 km/h. zIt has 14 Gram Panchayats, most of which are islands surrounding the main Gosaba Bazaar, the centre and commercial hub of the block. It was a severe cyclone with an intensity (Fig. Cyclone Aila (May 25, 2009): Cyclone Aila hit offshore 15 districts of southwestern part of Bangladesh with wind speed of 120 km per hour. The Food and Disaster Management Ministry said Cyclone Aila had killed 113 people in Bangladesh, and a government official in West Bengal state … Aila directly hit the Indian state of West Bengal, which borders Bangladesh At least 275 people have been killed and millions have been displaced by cyclone Aila, which hit parts of coastal Bangladesh and eastern India on May 25th 2009. Cyclone Aila, which formed to the south of Kolkata on May 21 2009, has led to over 325 deaths in India and Bangladesh, while 8,000 remain missing … The catastrophic cyclone Aila hit the south-western coast of Bangladesh on 25 May 2009, killing 190 people, affecting more than 3.9 million people across the 11 coastal districts, disrupting their livelihoods, and destroying infrastructure. Cyclone Aila hits Kolkata, Sunderbans under threat. When Cyclone Aila swept across areas of southern Bangladesh and eastern India on 25 May 2009, it caused widespread damage and affected around three million people. GMB Akash travelled to Shyamnagar Upazila, an area of Bangladesh's Satkhira district that has seen some of the worst damage.

The cyclone triggered tidal surges and severe flooding. Forest wardens fear that as the cyclone tore through the Sunderbans flooding the mangrove forests, it may have killed more than a dozen of the highly endangered Bengal tigers. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston on August 25, 2017. About 150 persons were killed and 200,000 houses were damaged in the storm. This DVD includes footage shot during and after a recent cyclone in Bangladesh. About 150 persons were killed and 200,000 houses were damaged in the storm. Kushal Roy, Senior Research Associate with FPP partner Unnayan Onneshan, reports on the trail of destruction left by Aila and asks … 1) similar to a Category 1 cyclone as per the Saffir-Simpson scale (Sadik et al. BACKGROUND AND KEY DEVELOPMENTS On May 25, Cyclone Aila struck the coastal areas of Bangladesh with wind speeds of up to 56 miles per hour. Some of children had to stand in water for the whole night. Category 4 - sustained wind speeds of 130 to 156 m.p.h 5. It strengthened into a hurricane just south of Honolulu, Hawaii. 6 days later, it crossed the International Date Line into the Western Pacific basin, becoming Typhoon Ioke. Tropical cyclones are immensely powerful and can travel up to speeds of 65 km/h. Here are some facts about cyclones. Aila attacked the southwestern coastal areas of Bangladesh on 25 May 2009 and affected 15 districts, 76 Upazila and 491 Unions. For example, children’s growth was 22% more likely to be stunted if their mothers had exposure to cyclone Aila in the first trimester of their pregnancy. When hit cyclone Aila the speed of wind was 95 km per hour. A cyclone is an area of winds blowing in a circular motion, usually centred on an area of low pressure. Irma's attack was the first time in 100 years that two storms Category 4 or larger hit the U.S. mainland in the same year. Cyclones and storm surges threaten coastal communities worldwide. “Cyclone Aila struck the coastal belt of Bangladesh on 25 May, 2009. Cyclones often have different names, depending on where they occur. Category 2 - sustained wind speeds of 96 to 110 m.p.h 3. “The Compassion center staff and the parents of the children are very anxious about the aftereffects of the flood. Cyclone Aila (May 25, 2009): Cyclone Aila hit offshore 15 districts of southwestern part of Bangladesh with wind speed of 120 km per hour. Around 190 peoples died 7103 injuries and affected about 3.9 million people. In southern Bangladesh, the cyclone caused a tidal surge which broke through poorly maintained coastal embankments. Hurricane Ioke (2006) is an example of a tropical cyclone that did change titles. 1. Cyclone 'Aila' … These storm-prone coastal lowlands, site of many fishing villages, took a direct hit from the cyclone's hammering winds. from cyclone Aila in Bangladesh. Cyclone Aila struck Sunderban on 25 May 2009, causing damage to field camps and fringe villages bordering the reserve. Category 3 - sustained wind speeds of 111 to 129 m.p.h 4. It explores the causes, impacts and management of tropical storms in a Less Economically Developed Country. zThe population of Gosaba is a mix of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Tribal population. 2011), struck the southwest coast of Bangladesh on 25 May 2009. KOLKATA: Three people were killed here on Monday as cyclone Aila crossed the coast into West Bengal. They circle clockwise in the southern hemisphere, and anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. Tropical Storms: Bangladesh’s Cyclone Aila. There was no information from the coastal Cyclone Aila Women struggle with their umbrellas against a strong wind and rain in Kolkata after the cyclone hit the state districts, where extensive damage was feared, IAN reported. 2017). Decade after Cyclone Aila, saline water will continue to haunt farms in Sunderbans Of the 102 islands in Sunderbans, 52 are inhabited by 4.5 million people and the rest are tiger territories. Breaches in the embankments on the village side have caused large scale flooding, leaving lakhs of people marooned in the area. Aila swept many areas still recovering from Cyclone Sidr in November 2007, which killed 3,500 people in Bangladesh and made at least a million homeless. It generated the most accumulated cyclone energy in a 24-hour period. Category 1 - sustained wind speeds of 74 to 95 m.p.h 2. Cyclone Aila, which induced a storm surge that varied from two to four meters high (IFNet 2009; Mallick et al. It caused death of 17 people. It affected around 9.3 million people, flattened houses and trees, destroyed crops, and wreaked widespread damage to infrastructure as well as communications and transport systems. ... which caused widespread damage around Calcutta is now considered even more destructive than Cyclone Aila… Although developed in the USA, the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is used to rank tropical cyclone wind strength in many parts of the world. Children’s growth was 10% more likely to be stunted if the exposed women were pregnant after the cyclones. Bangladesh officials said at … The storm surge represents a major cause of death and inj… [52] similarly found that 97% of 420 households in Khulna had received warning messages notifying them about 2009 cyclone Aila, and yet, only one in four (26%) evacuated. Disasters like Aila (2009) and Sidr (2007) have forced more than a million people to lose their homes and to migrate from their regions. The cyclone took down their houses, and after that the dams were destroyed. Ahsan et al. KOLKATA: It’s not just residents of Kolkata who bore the brunt of Cyclone Aila.

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