how many assassin snails should i get

Invest in a good filter (like the FX4) to ensure that organic matter doesn’t muck up the water too much.Even still, you should be replacing a good portion of water every week. They don't reproduce as readily, so generally don't become a problem like other snails. Join. You can get an assassin snail, which is basically a type of snail that eats other snails, but doesnt reproduce as easily (and if it does, they can be sold). The typical types of pest snails are: Tadpole or Pond Snails. The problem is the last time i had live plants i kept getting snails and they were a pain sight, but i eventually got rid of the plants. You can get a loach, which loves to munch on snails, but be careful.. many grow very large. This can cause injury or even death. It depends on the type of snail. These are the most common snails you’ll encounter, and they breed like crazy. In about 2 weeks, all of my 'unwanted' snails were gone (approx 100+ of all sizes). Old time aquarists recommend soaking aquarium plants in a solution of 2-3 teaspoons of alum dissolved in a quart of water. 4 years ago. I also have 2 wood shrimps, 6 neon tetra, 4 guppies,1 dwarf gourami, 2 danio's and 1 albino glow lights!! So, if not sure whether your floating snail is dead or alive, you may want to confirm by getting it out of the water gently and smell it. Let’s get to it. I have read in many articles that these snails are mostly nocturnal and during the day they will bury themselves within the substrate. The assassin snails are meant to eat the pond snails and that is how I feed my assassin snails. Assassin snails will crawl up the walls of your tank and can easily escape and accidentally kill themselves if they do so. Ask question + 100. Stability is vital when it comes to assassin snails. They reproduce much slower than pest snails, they look much cooler, and they are worth something too. Assassin snails have defined males and females, and are not hermaphroditic like many other snails. post #4 of 20 Old 03-08-2011, 02:46 PM. ). Snails can reproduce very quickly in a home aquarium, so if you have a nuisance snail population, you should act quickly to get it under control. Assassin snails. You should, however, pay close attention to how effective your filtration is. Turban Snails: Requires a great deal of calcium for its shell and an adequate calcium level should be maintained. ... Just get assassin snail assassin shrimp. If it doesn’t, you can always call in some help. It has gray body with dark spots on it. Only bought 5 assassins. A week to 10 days after purchasing five assassin snails, I noticed the first egg. The shells of the assassin snails are thinner than those of similar sized marine snails but they are quite robust in comparison with other freshwater snails. Right, so I just bought 4 Assassin snails, put them in my tank. I can see him in there but it hasn't moved for a few hours. Unlike many familiar aquarium snails, the assassin snail lays eggs individually, in small, translucent, vaguely shield-shaped pouches. Hadley. Out of all of the snails you might get for a freshwater tank, nerites are by far one of my favorites. It is recommended to house five to six assassin snail in a 30-gallon tank. Iheartbettas - I was really excited the first time I saw a baby one also. Assassin snails are predators and scavengers which feed both on live snails and on carrion or decaying organics, and this is what made them popular tank inhabitants. And no, I do not think one would be enough. Further, pond snails tend to breed quickly, and too many snails means dead snails that become part of the sludge instead of eating it up. At a minimum, a tank for your assassin snails alone should hold ten gallons of water. Posts: 166 My assassin snails won't touch any snail larger than them. The babies are so cute, look just like the adults but TINY. How many did you get and what is the volume of your tank ? level 2. Try multiple solutions. Assassin Snails like to dwell in warm water. They have small, rounded shells and grow to … Assassin snails have defined males and females, and are not hermaphroditic like many other snails. They are more tolerant of light as they grow and slowly become more active during the day. After 2-3 days in this solution, all snails and eggs should be gone. It is nearly impossible to sex these snails, so if you are planning to breed them, a minimum of six individuals should be introduced to ensure an adequate mix of the sexes. My somewhat new reef tank (about 2 months) is starting to get a slight cyanobacteria outbreak. Get answers by asking now. They would be mystery snails BTW There are plenty of freshwater snails like Assassin Snails, Gold Inca Snails, Ivory Snails, etc. The temperature of the water should be no more than 70-80°F (21.11-26.66° C). This problem will grow from bad to worse in no time. Assassin Snails need high-quality water to thrive. While they will happily live in freshwater, they must migrate to marine environments to breed. However, more popular ones such as trapdoor snails, mystery snails, assassin snails, and even some varieties of ramhorm can be found online from numerous online stores. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. pH Level. This should reduce how many snails you have by itself. I started with 2 assassins, they are slow eaters or vacum eaters, maybe 2-3 snails per day per assassin, they get the job done. Post by Jim Powers » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:37 am Anyone have these? Clearly there are various methods to rid your aquarium of these problem pests. Thus, too many snails can make the pond sludge problem grow, rather than get better. j0onahra3 is offline Quote Quick Reply . Just stop over feeding, and/or add snails you like to compete, tanks are an ecosystem. Thank you :) level 2. In addition, you tank should be lidded. The pH level of the water in the tank of Assassin Snail should be 7-8 since it prefers living in slightly alkaline water. ... 2010 12:55 am I personally do not have any, but many of my friends do. How many snails should I get for my 55 gallon reef tank? A Mexican Turbo Snail. You can get an assassin snail, which is basically a type of snail that eats other snails, but doesnt reproduce as easily (and if it does, they can be sold). is there a conventional way to get rid of the snails without the use of another fish E.G loaches, Assassin snails. Moreover, if you notice the … You'd have to remind us your tank size and whats in there to know if that would work. We can address this issue from two perspectives. Your first instinct for snail control might be to buy some kind of chemical solution from the pet store, but that would be a mistake. Within 5 minutes of putting them in the tank, each had found a snail and were in process of consuming them. While Ammonia, Nitrites are at 0 and Nitrates close to, I think this problem was due to using tap water in the initial setup and old PC bulbs. Nitrite and ammonia levels should be kept at 0ppm, and regular water changes will keep nitrate levels low. 1 1. Also, some of my nerite snails had been 'found empty' as well...some substantially larger than the largest assassin. Adult shellfish max size is up to 15-17 mm (sometimes there can be seen larger species). im thinking of getting live plants for my freshwater tropical tank again as i want to get rid of the plastic 1s when i get my betta. I have 2 assassin snails. A temperature range of 70-81 °F will mimic the warm tropical waters in their natural habitats. Snails, or their eggs, can hitch on most types of plants and arrive in your home aquarium. They kill assassin snails, but breed even faster and are harder yet to kill. Hardness. 5. One is to completely get rid of them using some of the methods like using chemicals, cleaning tank, or adding snail-eating fish like a dwarf chain loach or a pea puffer. For the healthy shell growth of Assassin Snail, keep the water slightly harder. How many snails should I get to clean a 70 gallon tank of algae and excess food? If you get too many assassins, you can sell them. I understand that they would reproduce but I know how to bait and keep it under control. Don’t, however, just throw any snail into your tank. The amount of eggs differs per species. Is this normal and should I expect movement in a few days or should I be worried? JosVermeulen. The most common means is through adding live plants. You might ask, “How many assassin snail should i get from the pet store?”. as far as how many, probably just a few, they will reproduce. Breeds like apple snails prefer to climb out of the tanks, while others like assassin snails retract into their shells. Cover any power filter intakes with a sponge pre-filter. Assassin snails are a popular choice for culling populations of snails. Those snails aren’t going to leave on their own. Description. It is nearly impossible to sex these snails, so if you are planning to breed them, a minimum of six individuals should be introduced to ensure an adequate mix of the sexes. Three went off exploring and the last one just sat here. Funnily enough, even Amazon has a very good stock of live pond snails as many breeders have switched to … Predators. If you’re looking to introduce your assassin snails to a pre-existing tank, you may want to look into expanding your habitat to better address the needs of the snails along with the … Buying assassin snails. The next thing you can do is to add predators to your aquarium. I just started to get more and more curious about the eggs and then it occurred to me that there are really not that many pics out there of assassin eggs or mating habits etc.. (although Msjinkzd posted a great shot of a sponge COVERED with their eggs a little while back. You should be able to find them at some aquarium stores and there are also plenty of hobbyists out there selling a snail or two. It takes a couple of weeks for the eggs to hatch. I did see a crystal red shrimp get dragged to its death, I felt helpless but as the others say maybe it was sick when the assassin strolled by. Types of Pest Snails in an Aquarium. The snails will take care of the rest and start producing egg sacs when they're sexually mature. Normal lifespan of assassin snail is two years but they can live up to five years provided there are abundance of food and good water conditions. If there’s plenty of food available for the snails, they will lay eggs more often. Generally, two assassins per gallon is required to keep other snails … Generally fairly hardy and does well in an established aquarium with many hiding places. The PH should be between 7.0-8.0. You should replicate these conditions in your tank. You'd have to remind us your tank size and whats in there to know if that would work. If you get a snail from a pet store or fish store, there should be no problem. Both the pouch and the round center of the egg are light in color. Snails might help if you’ve got a bad string algae problem. Their diet consists almost exclusively of snails. Still have questions? Assassin snails will also eat their snail brethren. If you get some diligent assassin snails, i'm pretty sure you'd only need one. Your population of pests is going to multiply faster than one assassin could keep up with. Planted Member (View User Tanks) PTrader: Join Date: Dec 2010. yes, assassin snails will reduce other snail populations, but keep working on the overfeeding. The lifespan is about 2-3 years. Location: California. These useful snails have found their way into the mainstream aquarium hobby. I bring them to my local auctions and get $20 for a bag of 10. Assassin snails can sometimes get their bodies and heads trapped in the openings. I got them because my tank is overcome by smaller snails called pond snails. You can get a loach, which loves to munch on snails, but be careful.. many grow very large. Assassin snails and rabbit snails breed slowly while pond snails, ramshorn snails and malaysian trumpet snails can breed each month. Typical Behavior of the Assassin Snails. Snails can be useful in keeping the glass and ornaments free of algae.

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