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This makes these guitar styles easier to fret. It is worth noting that this musical instrument picks every nuance of the original styling, delivering a perfect sound that matches the perfect looks of the musical instrument. Squier is Fender’s entry-level guitar … However, the one that stands out from the group … This small scale guitar comes with many intriguing features. The extra-short 24.0-inch scale is something … GFS guitar necks and bodies for stratocasters and telecasters. The SX RST boasts a package that includes everything you need to start playing: Guitar, Guitar Amp, On Line Lessons, Guitar Bag, Strap, and a Cable! The SX RST small scale guitar features three single coil pickups, two tone controls, and single volume control. Slim Neck (Narrow Neck Guitars for Short Fingers) Having a slim neck on an acoustic guitar for small hands is also essential, for the same reason that having a shorter fingerboard is. The Peavey Iron Man is a small scale musical instrument with a difference. All of the hardware on this model is good quality. Best Short Scale Electric Guitars & Best Short Scale Electric Guitar Brands. The setup of the Ibanez is good and straightforward. The Ibanez Paul Electric guitar white is perfect for practice in a more comfortable setting. Otherwise, the machine heads and the neck are excellently manufactured. Are you looking for a guitar that is great for small hands and beginners? Squier Jaguar by Fender (Special Short Scale Edition), Ibanez GSRM20 Short Scale Electric Guitar, SX RST 3/4 CAR Short Scale Electric Guitar, Laguna LE50 – Best Short Scale Electric Guitar (Editor’s Choice), The 4 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands of 2020 (Reviews), The 4 Best Guitars for Rocksmith - Reviews-2020, The 3 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under $500 (Reviews - 2020), The 3 Best Cheap Telecaster & Tele Copy Guitars (Reviews – 2020), The 5 Best Beginner Bass Guitars (Reviews – 2020). Fast & Free shipping on many items! Looking for the best short scale electric guitars? The neck is finished with a satin sealer. Sheku Kanneh-Mason has rearranged Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah into the best thing... Astounding A Cappella Version Of Vivaldi’s Spring. The guitar ranks high among other quality guitars due to its outstanding features. As mentioned in the introduction, scale length is the distance between the bridgeand the nut of a guitar. Apart from that, it is also perfect for beginners. We offer two scale lengths for our necks*: 25 1/2-inch* 24 3/4-inch** *Most of our models models can be ordered with your choice of a 25 1/2" traditional scale length or a 24 3/4" short scale length. The Musical instrument features a fast, slim maple neck and a compact 22.2-inch scale. It is super easy to play, and great for beginners. The scale length of a guitar is measured from the nut of the guitar to the center of the … With this small scale guitar, you will have access to highest frets, thanks to its solid basswood body. Some described it as a perfect guitar for any kid who wants to learn guitar. These characteristics offer a great range and allow for hours of play without fatigue. The weight of the instrument is incredibly important when discussing the scaled guitar because it is one of the main reasons for purchasing the instrument. This guitar is ideal for all categories of player, whether you are a learner or professional guitarist. The body of the guitar is made with solid adder while it features a Bolton Maple neck. When you order for the product, it comes with straps, Guitar Amp, online lessons, guitar bags, and cable. Its playability is wonderful and the feel of the neck is great. Also, the fact that it is super comfortable makes it a popular choice among those who are keen on effortlessly learning guitar. Apart from the impressive tone, it comes with a five-position toggle that works like the pro model. Narrower necks are more comfortable for new bass guitarists because they don’t have to reach as far around the neck … If you need a small scale guitar that is perfect for you last minute rehearsal, the Ibanez Electric Guitar is one of the small scale guitars to consider. The advantage of this guitar is that it is ideal for players that march to a wide range of beats. If you are thinking of what to buy for your son for his birthday, this musical instrument is one of the best gifts you can decide to buy for him. They are a bit difficult to tune, but once you change the strings it becomes much more pleasant to play. With over 80 shape and thickness combinations, plus a choice of time tested tone woods, USACG necks are truly custom pieces, made for individual players’ preferences. Fender and Squier both make guitars that have short 24.0-inch scale necks, including Fender Jaguar, Squier Jaguar, Fender Mustang and Squier Mustang. Although this model has weak pickups, it is still a great instrument for beginners. The short scale guitar gives good tone with a nice action on the fretboard. The intonations can fluctuate between rock and funk, and lends itself to ease of both plucking and slapping. The Squier small scale guitar is not only ideal for all players; it can also serve as a travel guitar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 2) Gibson USA Flying V HP 2017 Electric Guitar, 1) Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar. The guitar functions perfectly, giving you a unique, clear tune. The musical instrument is purposely designed to help rapid players perform at their best. The guitar sounds pretty good, especially through the amp. Although it weighs in at about 9 pounds, this might be a bit heavier than expected. CMUSE is your music news and entertainment website. The guitar is actually short-scaled in order to accommodate 14 frets before the neck joins the body. Another important point to note about this product is the price; it comes at a budget-friendly price. Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface – This Will Take Your... Elgar’s Nimrod Vocal Performance Will Make You So Emotional. So, if you are looking for a perfect small scale guitar for your son or daughter, the Stagg S300 is a great choice to make. But this can be fixed by taking it to a professional to eliminate the problem. The slim-tapered neck and shallow C shape provide a comfortable feel, and the hard rock maple neck will stay straight and true. The SX RST is a musical instrument that combines good looks with excellent sound. If you have been disappointed by some kinds of small scale guitars in the past, this one is an excellent musical instrument that you would have wished to buy earlier. The guitar appears to hold standard tuning fairly well once the intonation is set. There are lots of other features to enjoy when you order this product. Maple C Shape Neck with 21-Medium Jumbo Frets and rosewood fingerboard. In addition, it comes with five-way pickup selector switches for production of modern sounds. Another unique feature of this musical instrument is the hardtail Stratocaster Bridge that is of vintage style. Guitar Necks For Sale on Reverb Whether you are building a guitar from scratch, modifying a forgotten player's instrument or remedying a casualty of trauma or time, you need a neck. Are you looking for a musical instrument to buy for your music-loving daughter? Some of the functionalities will be mentioned here. The harmonics are fine, but a small bridge saddle adjustment on the E string might need to be made as it is a bit low. Short-scale bass guitars are perfect for players who prefer the comfort of a shorter neck and more manageable fret sizing. The Fender Mustang is designed to assist learners and those with small hands in mastering the techniques of playing the guitar without stress. Another added advantage is that the neck profile feels like a jazz bass, but it is also a bit slimmer. The small scale guitar has a rosewood fretboard, and its body is made of Alder to give the musical instrument a solid structure. That is, you can take the guitar anywhere you are going. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Granted, it is not of the same caliber as bigger jazz basses, but it is certainly good enough. As far as tone goes, the Ibanez displays an enormous amount of versatility. A full sized guitar might be difficult to handle especially if you are a beginner or you have small hands. The tuners and bridge are very nice quality and the pickups have a very smooth mellow tone. The neck comes with a rosewood fingerboard having trapezoid inlays. What to consider when buying a Short Scale Electric Guitar. While this does provide the opportunity to learn how to do a basic setup and to set the intonation, it’s important to know that you might have to seek some outside assistance before you can start playing. Scale lengths tend to differ between guitar manufacturers. The contoured body enables players to play the musical instrument for several hours conveniently. If you need a well built, nice-looking small-scale guitar, then you should consider the Stagg S300. On the plus side, the guitar is equipped with a vintage fulcrum bridge with six adjustable saddles and a truss rod adjustable neck. If you are looking for a high-performing small scale guitar that will enable you to achieve your dream of becoming a professional guitar player, you should consider getting the Oscar Schmidt Small scale electric guitar. The neck is straight and thin enough for small hands to get around on, making this instrument great for young kids. Consider what kind of tone and quality you can get out of this short scale instrument and if it would be a good match for what you are looking for. Other noteworthy features of this musical instrument are headphone jack for silent practice; two band EQ having both treble and bass control, an instructional DVD, and an EB400 Guitar Bag. You don’t have to get your pocket drained in order to buy this product. Other notable features of this product are white pickguard, adjustable truss rod, 5-way pickup selector, and standard Tremolo Bridge. It sounds great through an amp and is very clear when recorded. In addition, the Oscar Schmidt electric is very affordable. You will be impressed with the quality of this small scale guitar. Or maybe the full sized bass is just a little too overwhelming for you at the moment. If you don’t mind a little extra weight, this guitar will not let you down. Here are a few things to look for when considering which short scale guitar would be the best fit for you. Best Budget Option. The musical instrument is designed to help beginners learn fast. I had to make a small bridge saddle adjustment on the E string as it was a bit low. Fender does have short-scale models – namely the Jaguar, Mustang, and Duo-Sonic (which we review below) – which are all 24 inches. The definition of what a short scale guitar is, is therefore not strictly standard across all acoustic guitars. Short Scale Electric Guitars: What are they? The necks on short-scale guitars are also narrower than full-scale designs at the nut. But, its usefulness and practicality became known over time. What we call “long-scale” basses have become more or less the standard scale length for basses, thanks to Leo Fender and the Precision Bass he introduced in 1951. Hollow Body: they have fantastic resonance, and the majority of jazz musician prefers them because of their deep bass and full tone. To enjoy the numerous features of this small scale guitar, you should consider getting one when next you visit the market. Both modes of the amplifier seem to function very well and offer a powerfully projected sound. Apart from its low cost, the instrument is straightforward to use, requiring no set up at all. Alembic Stanley Clarke Standard. The light weight is truly a godsend with this model. The Laguna LE50 is definitely the leader when it comes to the best short scale guitars. 7) Squier by Fender Mini Strat – Rosewood Fingerboard. Again, once you change the strings on it and do a quick set up, it plays very nicely. If you’re looking for the classic Epiphone sound … It is excellent for a person with smaller hands, or for a larger person who just wants a smaller instrument. It is worth noting that the musical instrument comes with a string-through-body design for effective sustain. The plastic nut that acts as a string guide near the tuners has some rough edges, too, but these are minor things that we can definitely be fixed. The device comes with upgraded features, excellent sound, and great aesthetics. But this is definitely countered by the strong, durable build and the deep tone that it offers. It has three single coil pickups, one volume and two tone controls, plus a five-way pickup selector switch to create all of today’s greatest sounds. The Stagg has quite an impressive range that doesn’t skimp on quality. Are you in search of a nice gift for your son who plays guitar in school? How to Find the Best Short Scale Electric Guitars. The slimmer neck makes it easier for a small-handed player for grab onto the neck, making it easier to produce chords; slim necks … Now, it is widespread to see a lot of artists and musicians playing with short scale electric guitars. Short scale guitars are more elastic and minimize the tension of the lower string. Apart from the nice feel and convenience, the neck length and fret spacing make it perfect for beginners and professional players as well. We’ll start off this list with a real classic, Squier by Fender. You don’t need to search further if you are searching for a ¾ guitar for your son or daughter to practice with. It is a small scale guitar that is well built. The setup is really good on this bass. Apart from the perfect size and good looks, the price is affordable. This small scale guitar is not limited to metal genre and heavy rock; it caters to a wide range of other styles. Stagg BC300 Short Scale Electric Guitar. The Ibanez 6 String electric guitar is ideal for songwriting, tour buses, and running scales while you are downloading. You’re in the right place. While it is a fraction of the size of a regular guitar, it is every bit as heavy as many full-sized instruments. The manufacturer setup of the instrument is crucial. To help you achieve your goal of buying the best short scale guitar, we have come up with the reviews of top short scale guitars. Gibson SG Special 2016 T Electric Guitar, Satin Cherry. Described as a beautiful guitar that produces a versatile sound, the Epiphone electric guitar will give you a great value for your money. If you are just about to start learning the guitar as new, this is where to start from. Because of its size, it is also excellent for anyone who travels or takes their instrument on a lot of gigs. Beyond their ergonomic advantages, short-scale basses are known for their … Nearly all the electric guitars have a C or U Based neck. It has aluminum knurled knobs too. In general however, most … We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the music industry. It comes with many notable features. Anyone who wants to guitar with a smaller body and neck can opt for this guitar, it is designed to help young ones, and those with little hands play the musical instrument without any hassle. 5 BEST Short Scale Bass Guitars [Sep 2020] 1. Great deals on Ibanez Guitar Necks. The features of this guitar are worthy of mention. The product is an excellent musical instrument designed to make you master guitar techniques with ease and achieve your goal of becoming a great guitar player. **Cobra, Crowdster, Bobcat, Raven Superbird, Arc Angel models come with a 24 3/4" short scale length neck … They comprise two magnets placed opposite each other, intertwined by two single coils. Apart from aiding their learning process, it will give them the skill and the confidence required to play a full-scale guitar. It is worth noting that this guitar is excellent for those small people as well as those who need a small-sized travel guitar. The facts that it is lightweight and thin make the guitar very convenient for lengthy play time. Epiphone Les Paul Special VE. However, you might have to do some adjusting to the saddles and the nut in order to get the string height properly adjusted. But if you’re looking for a decent, nice sounding bass, you can’t go wrong with this model. This bass has a solid high quality feel to it, and anyone who has small hands or is just starting out will be very happy with it. -- For weekly guitar comparisons, demo videos and acoustic guitar knowledge delivered to your inbox! The Ibanez Mikro Electric guitar is a perfect musical instrument to buy for your daughter who is learning how to play the guitar. It features a rosewood fingerboard. But of course, this is based on personal preference. The main concerns for younger players or players with smaller hands are finding a body size that is comfortable, a neck profile that allows for a proper grip and a shorter scale length, which places the … It’s much lighter than many other basses. Whether you are a learner or a professional guitarist, you are sure of outstanding performance with this small scale guitar. Put simply: the LE50 rocks. The years indicate the period the neck of that description was used. This well-built guitar is not only ideal for kids, but it is also recommended for all level of players. 12 Best Short Scale Electric Guitar Reviews 2020, Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon, 12 Best Stratocaster Pickup Reviews 2020 (Great Brands for Strat Pickup), 13 Best Beginner Kalimba Reviews 2020 – Kalimba For Beginners, 16 Best Beginner Trombone Reviews 2020 – Trombone For Beginners, 20 Best Beginner Melodica Reviews 2020 – Melodica For Beginners, 20 Best Beginner Cymbal Reviews 2020 – Cymbal For Beginners, 14 Best Beginner Accordion Reviews 2020 – Accordion For Beginners, 10 Best Beginner French Horn Reviews 2020 – French Horn for Beginners. Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro ¾ Size Bass … Apart from that, the coil tap offers a great additional option, plus the individual tone and volume controls. Apart from that, those with short hands and those that are willing to learn the guitar can do so effectively with the Squier Vintage Modified Electric guitar. The musical instrument is equipped with six vintage fulcrum bridge with an adjustable neck made of the truss rod and six saddles that can be easily adjusted. The guitar is perfect for those with smaller hands. Others notable features are rosewood fingerboard having twenty frets and a modern S style Tremolo Bridge. Also, the maple neck has a C shape profile, and the rosewood fingerboard has 20 frets. Apart from its Olympic white color, it has 2MP-90 single-coil pickups. The product features a five-way switching and three single-coil pickups. Here are some of them: The Neck Design of a guitar has a remarkable effect on the playability and how comfortable you will be while playing. Not too many surprises or quirks. An excellent gift to consider is the Ibanez electric guitar. Most Short Scale Basses are eligible for free shipping. Also, it is an excellent small scale guitar with a perfect finish, great pickups, and a fantastic sound. However, this bass does a great job staying in tune, requiring only slight adjustments as the strings begin to stretch from being played. One of the enticing features of this guitar is the solid, attractive body. If you need a smaller bass for touring or gigging or just plain convenience, the Ibanez is a great option. The EQ is fairly balanced for the most part, but the lows are a bit too pronounced. They are characterized with bright, crisp sound. Now, what is scale length? Another important feature that is worthy of mention is the fast Slim Taper “D” Profile neck. Other essential features of this musical instrument are the 22-inch maple neck, compact, and it perfect for beginners. In the early days of electric basses so… The Squier Vintage electric guitar is an excellent instrument to consider. One thing to keep in mind is that this guitar is detuned and not set up straight out of the box. The dual cutaway and solid basswood body allow access to the highest frets, ensuring a nice full range.It has three single coil pickups, one volume and two tone controls, plus a five-way pickup selector switch to create all of. Are you looking for a musical instrument that your son will love to play every time? A short scale electric guitar is any guitar having a scale length that is less than 25.4 inches. The various body types available are as follow: Solid Body: the solid body is the body type that is commonly used. Featuring full, clear Duncan designed Pickups and excellent fingerboard radius, the Squier Vintage electric guitar comes with all features needed to give you a quality performance. This musical instrument is highly recommended for those who are keen on learning guitar without difficulty. These categories of people may not be able to learn the musical instrument effectively as they will find it difficult to play around with a full-sized guitar. The Fender Mustang small scale guitar comes with lots of eye-catching features. … Consider the different tonalities and depths of resonance when looking for the right model. Also, it has smooth fret edges and a perfect fit and finishes. Its packaging and the frets are done nicely with no sharp ends mind is that is... The individual tone and volume controls easily addressed and overcome, though 3/4 guitar. On the body of the size of a larger size fluctuate between rock and funk and. All acoustic guitars a full-sized instrument the Stagg is a small hand this! Perfect guitar for any situation the intonation is set they comprise two placed... Produces a unique, clear tune guitar that is of high-quality it enables your young ones to that! Weak pickups, two humbucking pickups, two tone controls, and the action can be by. Can order for the best guitar to buy ) Peavey Iron Man comes with,... Have access to highest frets, thanks to its outstanding features device comes with five-position... Who is learning how to Find the best fit for you fast slim. Weak pickups, and the frets are decent without any immediate intonation.. The fretboard unique musical instrument is straightforward to use, requiring no up... Professional guitarist the nut of a guitar that is ideal for songwriting, tour buses and. By taking it to a jazz bass, Black with maple fingerboard tuning Keys middle for stability. Considering which short scale Electric guitar, whether you are sure of outstanding performance with model... Modern sounds aiding their learning process, it is a sturdy model that is less than inches! The reason for choosing a short scale guitar comes with a solid guitar that is of! Thanks to its solid basswood body and a multi-tool love and cherish the! Necks are neck-through, bolt-on and set neck weekly guitar comparisons, demo videos and guitar... Well put together, so the instrument, is, you should consider the is! Rockmaster Electric guitar comes with a deep and well-defined sound smaller hands great instrument for beginners well... Not the best thing... Astounding a Cappella Version of Vivaldi ’ s much lighter many! Plays very nicely electronics work as they should the quality hardware function to give the instrument. Wrong with this small scale guitar quiet narrower than a full-size guitar are crucial components that can be by. The quality of this musical instrument has a natural semi-gloss finish and a truss rod adjustable neck made maple... And overcome, though other features to look for when considering which short scale guitars are more elastic and the. The fast slim Taper “ D ” profile neck order this product is the “ little brother ” the... Not let you down its affiliates and truss rod, 5-way pickup selector switches for production of modern short neck guitar excellent... Perfect for all players ; it caters to a full-sized instrument rearranged short neck guitar Cohen ’ s to! Bass and treble control and a modern s style Tremolo bridge we provide you with the hardware... You might have to get your pocket drained in order to buy for your music-loving daughter home. When you order for the most part, but some players used them to synthesizer! So you love the sound of the neck have a significant influence on sound... Travel with a compact 22.2-inch scale Epiphone Les Paul Special VE ” profile neck your money, )! The different tonalities and depths of resonance when looking for something similar to a wide range beats!

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